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Rapported by the attack, Seraphina Picquery and Aurors from MACUSA arrived at the scene and proceeded to attack him with many spells , only stopping when they believed he was destroyed. However, a single shred of his Obscurus form fled the scene, unseen to anyone but Newt. This attack resulted in Grindelwald's capture and the believed destruction of Credence.

Ultimately, thousands of No-Majs were obliviated in order to protect wizarding secrecy. Without everyone's knowledge, except Newt, Credence turned out to have survived, because an Obscurial cannot be killed while in their Obscurus states.

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Barebone, as a single shred, fled away from the subway station to the destroyed Second Salem Church. When all shreds of his Obscurus connected together, Credence returned to his human form. He desperately searched the collapsed building until he finally found what he was looking for: his adoption papers.

Sometime after finding the document he joined the Circus Arcanus , a travelling wizarding circus owned by the cruel ringmaster, Skender. Together with the whole crew, he sailed to Europe and ended settling in Paris.

Three guards riddle

During his time in Europe, Credence befriended a Maledictus named Nagini , with whom he seemed to have a close relationship. Rumours surrounding Credence's identity began to circulate.

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Credence managed their getaway by releasing several of the beasts and fleeing in the ensuing chaos. Dugard revealed that she did not want to give him up, and noted that she was merely a servant to the Lestrange household. After a brief moment of tenderness, Grimmson trapped Nagini in the wall to kill Irma on Grindelwald's orders to keep Credence's identity a secret from him. The Obscurus manifested and Credence attempted to kill Grimmson, but failed to do so.

After that Credence and Nagini were hiding in the house near the Eiffel Tower , where Barebone was caring for a chick. Grindelwald tracked him down and offered him a chance to find out his true parentage. Credence, ready to learn the truth, accepted the map to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery given by the Dark Wizard. Leta insisted that Credence was not her half-brother, as the real Corvus Lestrange died. Leta recounted her father sending her and her brother to America on a ship. Wanting to relieve herself of her screaming brother, Leta swapped him with another baby on the ship, that baby being Credence.

He has black hair, brown eyes, and pale skin.

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However, when he was insulted or threatened, Credence's Obscurus form was unleashed. This Obscurus form was triggered by his negative emotions and experiences, and therefore was induced by them to act violently. This caused widespread destruction and death to those who provoked Credence. Namely, he attacked Mary Lou Barebone because of the abuse the latter inflicted on him for so long, and Henry Shaw Junior for the way the arrogant No-Maj politician had mocked him.

After being nearly killed by over 20 MACUSA Aurors on the orders of President Picquery , Credence became embittered towards most of the magical community, and, desperate to survive, and learn his true heritage, he joined the Circus Arcanus , and befriended fellow outcast Nagini. However, Grindelwald was once again able to manipulate Credence - taking advantage of the youth's desire to learn of his true heritage, Grindelwald convinced Credence to join his acolytes , convincing Credence so effectively, that even Nagini couldn't dissuade him.

After finally being given a wand by his new master at Nurmengard Castle , Credence accepts his true heritage as Aurelius Dumbledore, and seemingly agrees to help Grindelwald bypass the blood pact and kill Albus Dumbledore. Albus Dumbledore has developed an interest in Credence, if he manipulates his former student Newton Scamander twice into protecting the poor Obscurial out of the hands of Gellert Grindelwald.

It's unknown though, if Albus is aware that the Obscurial he wants to protect is seemingly his lost brother. Later on, it seems that Credence agrees to help Grindelwald bypass the blood pact and kill Albus. Dugard unknowingly ended up with Aurelius after the young Leta Lestrange switched him with her baby brother Corvus Lestrange.

Irma later took care of the young Credence, signing his adoption paper and handing him over in the care of Mary Lou Barebone. Credence feared his adoptive mother due to years of emotional and physical abuse.

A Curse So Dark and Lonely

She beat him with the intent of teaching him to suppress and be ashamed of his magical traits. By suppressing his magic , he developed an Obscurus. It was noted by Tina Goldstein that out of all Mary Lou's adopted children, Credence was the most hated. Credence learned over the years to willingly surrender his belt for a beating when he knew he did something wrong.

He tended to be passive when it came to the beatings and he learned to take them submissively. Despite living in an environment where magic was shunned, Credence was drawn toward the ideas of wizardry and even entertained the thought of becoming part of the wizarding world. Mary Lou seemed to be aware of Credence's interest in magic and did not hesitate to beat him for it. When Mary Lou was about to attack Credence, he transformed into his Obscurus form and killed her. Modesty Barebone , his younger adopted sister. Modesty was kind to her older foster brother and he was close to her as a result.

One of the reasons Credence shared a close relationship with Modesty, was because she did not possess the same zealous attitude Chastity did in regards to their adoptive mother's anti-witchcraft stance. Modesty was young and curious, she shared Credence's secret interest in magic. Because of this shared interest, they trusted each other. A prince? A curse? A monster? As she spends time with Rhen in this enchanted land, she begins to understand what's at stake. And as Rhen realizes Harper is not just another girl to charm, his hope comes flooding back.

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But powerful forces are standing against Emberfall. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. More Details Original Title. Cursebreakers 1. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Can he please have a love interest tooooo? There is no love triangle; he will have his own love interest. Will Rhen and Harper be in the next book, or will it only be Grey's story? Brigid Everyone will be in the next book. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

Feb 07, Lola rated it it was amazing Shelves: fairy-tale-retellings , favourites , fantasy , true-love , royalty , magic , publications , beauty-and-the-beast. This is hands down one of the best fairy tale retellings I have ever read. Oh my! I'd like to be able to say that I only get this dramatic in prose, but alas the way I write is the way I speak. Just yesterday, a friend was telling me about her boyfriend's unboyfriend-like behavior and I gave her a passionate speech about love, trust and sacrifice I knew little about.

Maybe I should have given her this book instead. View all 23 comments. View all 31 comments. I was into it for probably pages because I figured it had to get some dimension to it at some point, but it never did. I loved the rep with the main character having cerebral palsy, she was probably my favourite character out of all of them, but she was still a tough one to pin down because things were presented but never really expounded upon not even just with her personality, it was an issue I had throughout the book. I could appreciate how the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale was twisted in the storyline, but everything else for me just fell flat.

View all 19 comments. I need the next book NOW!! Harper comes from modern day DC. Harper gets sucked into another world when she attacks Commander Grey when she sees him carrying a woman away. She thinks he is going to kill the lady. Suddenly Harper gets transported into another world through Grey. It take Harper some time to trust Grey and Prince Rhen. They have a time with her too. Harper wants to get back to her mom who is dying of cancer and her brother who is doing unsavory things to keep them afloat. When the trust slowly is accepted, Harper helps try to save the people and Rhen and Grey. I just want to leave it with kudos to the author for having a heroine like Harper!!! That ending though!!!! Happy Reading! View all 28 comments. Right, so Less than five of the sixty chapters actually take place in our world. The novel is almost exclusively set in the parallel land of Emberfall.