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When your concern reaches God first, he is faithful to go on ahead and deal with the other person before you get to them. Make a decision today, to never speak to man concerning an issue before consulting God, to never make a decision before consulting him. And finally to never take your concerns before man before taking them before him.

Father we give you praise for this wonderful teaching, heal our heart today. Grant us grace to start and finish everything with you. Image Credit:. I believe that this is an analogy that applies to women as much as it does to men. There are so many broken men and women who are being put together with other broken men and women and expected to create strong marriages.

Father, heal our homes. Our societies are becoming ones without moderation. Marriages are a wonderful thing, but are being viewed less and less in that light. By the same token, more and more people are entering this sacred union blindly. Either because of the burden of pressure and expectation that exists within our churches. The Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 7 acknowledges the beauty of marriage but also the ease of single life.

It is good to be married, but not mandatory. Not all can be single and live a holy life, but neither can all be married. If you desire marriage, that is a beautiful thing. With marriages falling apart sooner than ever before, there is a lack of longevity. Our prayer is that the Lord would grant us longevity.

Father establish marriages that last long, marriages that are strong and with direction. Let there be marriages that are built on the rock that is Christ. That is our next marriage prayer point. We are going to pray for marriages that are on the rocks, marriages that are falling apart while we remain oblivious. There is nothing too dead for a resurrection.

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We are praying for those marriages that either spouse or both have given up on. A healing was impossible, but a resurrection was inconceivable.

Let love arise!! Infidelity is a key factor in the break-up of most marriages. We want to pray for resolution and in marriages that have been marred by infidelity. God can heal in all cases. It is not too late for your marriage. Father, where there is hurt, where there is mistrust, where there has been betrayal, dear Lord, help us. Stewart Keiller. Time With The Masters. Emmanuel Donkor. Henry Cloud. Kathi Lipp. Carole Embden-Peterson.

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Stephana, my wife, had been attending this church since moving to Indianapolis. I had only recently begun attending the church with her and our daughter. We just made the commitment to become members of the church, and were excited to be taking our new members classes.