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Please Contact Us. Your Cart Your cart is empty. Biography True Stories. Batteries Calculators Office Machines. Frame Tray Boxed Wooden Floor. Boxed 3D Jigsaw Accessories. Brain Teasers Educational. Action Animals Collectibles. Amusements Gadgets Jewellery. Animals Characters Classic. Souvenirs Travel Accessories. Look Inside. View Large Image. Prince Tarkyn and his home guard become trapped in the Lost Forest; a place of legend where people must face their innermost fear In Stock with Supplier Shipping in days.

Online Only. Two would beggar belief. The Lost Forest is a fantasy novel of pages, written in an easy flowing style that will suit readers between 12 up to old age Caugh Hundreds of sorcerers and woodfolk have been trapped within its boundaries for years, some of them for centuries. But by whose authority are these people being held?

Tarkyn challenges the premise and power of the Lost Forest. But with change comes turmoil, and a rift opens between Tarkyn and his woodfolk, seriously threatening his friendship with his bloodbrother, Waterstone and damaging his carefully nurtured relationship with all his woodfolk. Tarkyn's liegeman, Danton, has his view of the world assailed firstly by a mysterious wizardess and then by sorcerer attack.

In the aftermath, both he and those around him, including Tarkyn, must come to terms with changes that have been wrought in him. Something unique and valuable.

More than one group seeks to retrieve it. Naturally, the player characters are one such group.

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A dangerous wilderness trek with an uncertain goal, and all sorts of room for complications, but hey, the job pays well. Stretch Goal 6. A mysterious mist shroud gallon has come into port at night and is blocking vessels leaving the narrow harbour.

The Lost Forest (Sorcerer's Oath, book 3) by Jennifer Ealey

Brave fishermen have tried to approach and those who did flee from the mournful wailing they heard as they approached, never returned. Now the mayor is worried that if his fishing fleet cannot sail his town is wither and die. Your group of brave adventures have been hired to board the cursed ship, brave its sinister inhabitants and finally discover the ships purpose and reason for being here.

An adventure where the heroes must trek through a lethal jungle environment to find the Lost City of Bast-Ur and discover the treasures within. Explore its fearsome ziggurat! Help the Jaguar People overthrow their oppressive God-Emperor! Avoid the fearsome lizard-riding Jungle Ducks!

What's changed since the start of the Campaign?

All adventures will have covers by Jon Hodgson and maps by Glynn Seal. Each adventure will come as Swords and Wizardry and 5th Edition versions and will be available to backers as both pdf and with the option to purchase at cost POD versions. It's the end of the Tudor age, and the adventurers are making their way from the city of Chester along dirt roads to the town of Manchester. Where they aim to take up employment with an old patron Dr John Dee former court astrologer to Elizabeth I.

Stylewise its Hammer Horror meets Clive Barker. Presented as a 6 x 9 inch hardcover book with black and white illustrations by Dan Barker and Peter Town, and maps by Glyn Seal. Also as part of this addon is a page pdf of Mancuria an alternative fantastical future Manchester, accessible from Dee's world via a magic portal.

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Mancuria is not available on general release since it was a Kickstarter release, so you won't be able to get it anywhere else. I will then send you coupons via drivethruprg. Otherwise back at the pledge level, you want to get the book s you want, then add the cost of the add-ons you want to your pledge. All backers who pledge for the books at one of the Torch Bearer levels will get access to a Print on Demand POD copy at cost via drivethrurpg.

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You will then pay the production cost and shipping to your home as part of your order with drivethrurpg. If you want the books sent to you directly check out the Shield Bearer or Sorcerer Under the Mountain pledge levels. Both books have been laid out and include art.

It needs a final proof and its ready to go. So you don't fancy getting either of the books, but you want to help the campaign. Postage paid via Backerkit after the campaign ends. Also, any additional stretch goals which fund and have a printed version, such as the extra adventures, will be signed by the author and sent directly to you. Aug 1, - Sep 1, 30 days.

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What's changed since the start of the Campaign? Sorcerer Under the Mountain Pledge Level. A high tier backer reward for people who want signed copies of everything the campaign produces in print, signed by the author and sent to them directly 5 of 10 remaining at 24 hours before the campaign ends. What is it? Monsters are People Too These are page Non Player Monsters, who have connections, motives, beliefs, and adventure seeds, fund every backers.

Halfling Shire Dog Riders. Pugsley the Goblin. Lady Gillian the Ghoul.

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Yugress the Zithrin , a 3 HD Hawkperson. Cover by Jon Hodgson.